Calendar of events on the Farm

This is a very brief rundown of what needs doing roughly when, to avoid most problems. Your vet will be able to describe/show you the various procedures.


Month Sheep / Goats Cattle Horse Other
January Shear lambs, check for flystrike, treat for facial eczema, check ram health. Treat for facial eczema and fly worry Treat for fly worry Make/buy hay 25 bales/cow, 5 bales per sheep, 40 per horse.
February Check for flystrike, get ewes in good condition, wean lambs if not done. As January if needed As January if needed  
March Put ram with ewes for August lambing Wean spring born calves if still on cow   Put fertiliser on paddocks (allow rain or 3 weeks before grazing again)
April Monitor ewe/doe condition, not too fat and not too thin Use electric fences to control use of grass As cattle, also treat for worms including bot fly. Conserve grass so that pregnant animals can have a rising level of feeding in last month of pregnancy (July/August usually)
May As April     As April
July Feed extra to pregnant ewes in last month before lambing, get belly and bottoms shorn, vaccinate for tetanus etc. Feed well in last month of pregnancy, give magnesium supplement, vaccinate Feed hay/supplements Tetanus booster if foaling later on Prepare emergency kit for lambing/calving/kidding etc, buy necessary supplies. Grass growth slow most years.
August Lambing, check 2 x daily, drench ewes/does Calving, check 2 x daily, continue magnesium Foaling? Feed supplements As grass growth doesn’t usually speed up until September, continue hay etc this month.
September Dock lambs/kids by 4 weeks old if possible (rubber rings).Dehorn kids by 1 week old. Feed milking cows well, get bull calves docked and all calves dehorned by 3 weeks old. May need to control grazing if grass starts to grow quickly. Avoid sudden food changes for new mothers, Milking animal needs two times what dry animal needs to eat.
October Drench lambs/kids, vaccinate Drench calves, vaccinate Treat for worms Leave grass for hay? Apply fertiliser
November Drench lambs/kids, Get ewes shorn, lambs crutched Treat for lice Drench calves for worms, bull or AI for cows for August calves Treat for worms Annual tetanus vaccination This is usually the best month for grass growth. Check water supplies for summer
December Drench lambs/kids, Check for flystrike, get all sheep shorn if not already done, treat for lice. Drench calves, Bull with cows for September calves. Treat for fly worry if required. Check teeth. Ensure plenty of water as weather gets hotter, also shade in all paddocks especially for sheep.

NB Individual circumstances will vary, please consult your vet for detailed information.