Our Comprehensive Professional Services

The New Plymouth Veterinary Group is the only practice outside the main centres licensed to offer treatment with radiocative iodine for hyperthyroidism in cats, as a result sees referral work from many other vet practices.

Dawn Mills' special interest area is small animal medicine. Tending to creatures such as birds and rabbits often feature in her daily life as a veterinarian. Dawn is a member of the Australian College of Veterinarians in Avian medicine. The MACVSc is a postgraduate qualification earned by examination - both written and oral examination.

Dedication to ongoing education and improving the knowledge and skills of himself and the NPVG team, Rob Mills also has a MACVsc (in Small Animal Medicine). Recently he has attended an orthopaedic seminar studying the application of an improved technique in the treatment of cruciate disease / rupture in the dog.