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About Us

Conveniently located on Devon Street East, New Plymouth Vet Group is a valuable resource for owners of small and large animals. We provide a wide range of services to maintain animal health and treat injuries and illnesses.

Our talented team of vets are highly skilled in their field and passionate about animals. You can learn more about our vets and their expertise on our Meet the Team page .

Our Vision

At New Plymouth Vet Group our mission is to provide unrivalled and compassionate veterinary care that considers the personal needs of both animal and owner.

Our practice dates back to 1951, when it was established to service dairy farms within the New Plymouth region. Over the years we’ve evolved, expanded physically and grown our range of small and large animal services. Today we are the largest practice in New Plymouth and boast seasoned vets utilising the latest technology and equipment.

From our early days of servicing dairy farms, we have steadily grown our large animal services. We stay vigilant of the issues facing farmers in the region, and stay on top of advances in science and technology so we can provide effective and timely solutions. Our vision is to offer the most up-to-date veterinary services to farmers of all types of livestock.

Closer to home, we aim to give pets and their owners a level of service and education that strengthens their bond and makes for a great quality of life. We plan to achieve this by forming strong relationships with owners so they see us as approachable and indispensable in promoting their pet’s health.

Our state-of-the-art animal hospital is our biggest asset in treating sick pets. So well equipped and sought after is the hospital, we receive referrals from other practices in the area. Our vision for the future of the animal hospital is to keep developing our equipment and technology, and to support the ongoing education of the vets who use it.

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