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Parvo Warning – September 2019

🛑WARNING for dog owners🛑 NP Vet Group has had two confirmed Parvo cases in the last week. Vaccinating your dog is the best way to help prevent canine parvovirus infection. Canine parvovirus is a severe viral infection which causes depression…

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August Alert – Contagious Cough

Unfortunately, we have seen some cases of Contagious Cough (otherwise known as Kennel Cough). If you take your dog to public places, doggie daycare, boarding kennel, or anywhere there are several dogs in a confined space, we recommend that their…

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Lily Poisoning in Cats

We all love the aroma of fresh flowers and often a beautiful lily is the centerpiece of an arrangement. But did you know that the lily family of flowers is EXTREMELY TOXIC to the feline members of your family? Lilies…

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Why are annual health checks so important?

A yearly veterinary examination ensures health problems are detected and treated early.  This means a happier, healthier and longer life for our animal family members. Our pets become VIPS’s (Very Important Pets) within our families. It is so important to…

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Summer Tips – Bee Stings

Bee Stings Bee and wasp stings are poison, and it is the poison that creates the pain when your pet gets stung. Most of the time a single sting will just result in localised pain, however, some situations can be…

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