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Dairy farming is a vital and considerable slice of New Zealand’s economy. The industry becomes more calculated and science-based every year, and understanding of disease management in dairy herds is continually advancing.

To help encourage education and smarter management/treatment plans, we offer services including mastitis management, teat sealing, disease monitoring and parasite services. It’s with continued education of farmers and improved management that we will lower disease rates and boost production.

Click on any of the links below to open and download a PDF related to Dairy Cattle.

Calendar of Events on the Farm

A very brief checklist of what needs doing roughly when to avoid most problems.

Do you know about Facial Eczema?

Learn more about Facial Eczema here

How to prevent Facial Eczema

Learn more about how to prevent Facial Eczema here

Gestation Times for Farm Species

Ever wondered how long a pig is pregnant for? Find out here!

Calf Rearing

Find out information about for Calf Rearing here

Best Practice Administration for Teatseal & Dry Cow Therapy

Learn Best Practice methods for administrating Teatseal & Dry Cow Therapy

General Information on Worms

Read general information on worms.

Cattle Vaccinations

The most common vaccinations we use in cattle.

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