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Originally established in 1942 to support Taranaki dairy farmers, we have farming in our veins at the New Plymouth Vet Group. Our knowledge of farming practises is unrivalled and we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest advances in farming science and technology.

Our experienced team of farm vets understand that your stock’s wellbeing and your livelihood are one and the same. They appreciate that you have a lot on your plate and having a reliable, trustworthy vet just a phone call away is invaluable.

The services we offer address all the common issues facing farmers today, regardless of what type of stock you run, or how much land you have. Contact us to schedule a visit or find out more about our services.


Browse our list of services below and click for more information.

Lifestyle Blocks

Advice and services to help lifestyle farmers provide their animals with the best care possible.


Our more than 65 years of experience is passed on to keen farmers by way of an advisory service.

Disease Monitoring

Experts in the proactive monitoring, control and treatment of disease outbreaks.


Prevent outbreaks of disease in your stock through timely vaccination regimes.

Emergency Care

Our experienced and skilled team of farm vets provide a well-equipped emergency care service, 24/7.

Teat Sealing

We offer an on-farm teat sealing service, so you can leave the tricky bit to our experienced veterinary staff.

Calf Disbudding

Our on-farm vets are skilled and experienced in the recommended best practices involved in disbudding calves.

Parasite Control

Speak to the New Plymouth Vet Group to tap into their second-to-none knowledge of parasite prevention and treatment.

Reproduction Management

Our farm vets are well read and highly experienced in reproduction management services for both cattle and sheep.

Mastitis Management

Our team of farm vets can help shed light on the prevalence of mastitis in your herd.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Our vets can perform pregnancy diagnosis services on cattle and camelids (llama and alpaca).

RVM Consultations

The New Plymouth Vet Group offer one-on-one RVM consultations to assess product suitability.


Been using these guys for many pet lives. Great vets, caring and knowledgeable.

Rob and his team are amazing. They are extremely caring and provide excellent service. They have looked after my horses, cats and dogs for many years. All treated with respect and compassion. I highly recommend the N.P. Vet Group.

Exceptional service, very professional and friendly people. I would recommend them to everyone I know.

The vet group is amazing. The commitment and dedication they provide and deliver is above and beyond. They really do show great animal husbandry and pride in their work. I am grateful to have my dogs and any other future pet I may have been taken care of by these loving people.

Professional service each time I go here. Compassionate on a couple of occasions also. Very good customer service for us over the years.

Love the Vet Group, absolutely awesome with my cats, horses and rabbits and also great dealing with all the people that work there.

Olga Privee
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