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Our farm vets are well read and highly experienced in reproduction management services for both cattle and sheep. They can monitor your stock’s current reproduction, identify poor reproductive performance, and create a reproduction management plan to help maximise future reproductive performance and related financial gains.

Reproduction monitoring services for sheep:


  • Vasectomy for teaser rams
  • Breeding soundness examination includes:
    • Semen testing/evaluation
    • Annual palpation of rams
    • Blood testing for Brucella ovis


  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Perinatal lamb autopsies
  • Specific health tests including trace elements, Johne’s disease, Campylobacteriosis, Toxoplasmosis, and metabolic testing

Reproduction monitoring services for beef cattle:


  • Breeding soundness examination including:
    • Identification of breed, age and sire
    • Scrotal circumference measurement
    • Physical exam including internal genitalia
    • Observation of mating – service test
    • Collection and evaluation of semen
    • Specific health tests including:
      • Johne’s disease, Campylobacteriosis, BVD and Trichomoniasis


  • Scoring of body condition
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Specific health tests including:
    • Trace elements
    • Johne’s disease, Campylobacteriosis, BVD and Trichomoniasis
    • Magnesium
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