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This section of our website covers helpful information about the care of birds, rabbits and turtles.


Caring for Your New Parrot

Information about caring for your new Parrot.

Clucky Hens

Caring for clucky Hens.

Birds Bathing

Bathing your pet bird.

Feeding a Budgerigar

Information about feeding a Budgerigar.

Feeding a Cockatiel

Information about feeding a Cockatiel.

Feeding A Finch

Information about feeding a Finch.

Feeding A Lovebird

Information about feeding a Lovebird.

Feeding Your Bird

Information bout feeding your Bird.

Hand Rearing a Parrot

Information about hand rearing a Parrot.

Household Dangers

Household Dangers to consider in the home enviroment.

Producing Your Own Eggs

Information about producing your own eggs.

Recognising a Sick Bird

How to recognise a sick Bird.

Transporting your Bird

Transporting your Bird.

Wild Baby Birds

What to do when you find wild Baby Birds.

Your Bird’s Cage

Information about your Bird’s Cage.


Care of Pet Rabbits

Information about Rabbit care and nutrition.

Rabbit Abscesses

Information about Rabbit abscesses.

Rabbit Healthcare Information Sheet

A quick and helpful guide when it comes to caring for your rabbit.


Turtle Illnesses

Information about Turtle Illnesses.


Information about Turtles.


Care of Pregnant Guinea Pigs

Information about how to care for pregnant Guinea Pigs.

Small Animal Vaccination Policy
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