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For a variety of reasons planning for an upcoming holiday may need to include accommodation arrangements for your dog and/or cat. In some instances it may be possible for your pets to stay at home. This can be best achieved by arranging for a friend or relative to live in during the period you are away although there are also commercial organisations who will arrange the service for you.

More commonly a dog is boarded at a boarding kennels. Many dogs spend very happy holidays in kennels and look forward to going. Plan the visit well ahead, just as you do with your own holiday and make sure that you visit the kennels beforehand to satisfy yourself that the accommodation is up to your expectations. All commercial boarding kennels today have to be licensed by the local authority but standards do vary and it is worthwhile obtaining recommendations from friends, neighbours or your veterinary surgeon. Reference to Yellow Pages is a good start to preparing a short list. Another good tip is to board your dog for a weekend or a few days and see how he settles and his condition when you collect him.

Remember that your dog’s vaccination status should be up-to-date since it is a hallmark of a good kennels to insist upon full vaccination with a certificate to prove it before they will admit the dog. If they do not wish to see this, you have probably chosen the wrong type of kennels.


For a list of local Boarding Kennels click here:

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