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August Alert – Contagious Cough

Unfortunately, we have seen some cases of Contagious Cough (otherwise known as Kennel Cough). If you take your dog to public places, doggie daycare, boarding kennel, or anywhere there are several dogs in a confined space, we recommend that their vaccinations are up to date. Contagious Cough is transmitted through the air, which is why it can quickly spread in these environments.

While vaccination may prevent the infection and lessen the severity of the symptoms even vaccinated dogs may be a risk when the infective challenge is high. Coughing is the primary symptom which progresses and your dog can become very unwell. We recommend that you see a vet if you think your dog has contracted Contagious Cough. (Please leave your dog in the car if you have an appointment). To help prevent the spread if your dog has kennel cough, they should be kept at home.

If you are unsure about your dog’s vaccination status or if you have further questions about Contagious Cough, please give us a call on (06) 758 4006.

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