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The domestic dog is just like its ancestor, the wolf, and belongs in packs. Dogs do not see us as humans, but as another animal.

When we take a new puppy home, the new puppy needs to find its role in its new pack. Usually this is achieved by the biting of hands. We must take control of the situation and become the pack leader, if we want a controlled dog. 99% of dogs would rather be led by a consistent leader, if you are not and show these signs of leadership, then the dog will take over.

To be the pack leader in your litter, you must be the dominant animal. The mother displays dominance by growling and showing signs of body language to gain her leadership. If a pup is displaying and showing signs of unacceptable behavior she will growl and stand over the pup, if the pup does not stop, the mother will then bite around the muzzle area, and pin the pup down, then turn and walk away. If your dog/puppy displays an unwanted behavior we can show signs of body language very similar to the mother by using a guttural growl and then turn and walk away. Placing the dog outside, or in a room away from everyone, for some time out or stopping the play interaction by walking away and ignore the behavior will help to prevent biting.

Listed below are some signs of body language (body gestures) that you can do around the home to ensure your pack leadership

  • Make the dog sit before giving meals
  • You eat your dinner before the dog eats
  • Make sure you go through doorways and gateways first. Open the door slightly and if the dog goes to rush past you – simply close the door before the dog goes through. Be sure not to ask the dog’s permission by giving a sit or stay command
  • Do not step over your dog if he is lying in your walk path
  • Having playtime with your dog – rolling the dog on its back and scratching the tummy
  • While walking around the home or yard, if the dog rushes past you, simply turn and walk the other direction
  • Put the dog in a down stay in the home for a set time each day
  • Place the dog on a lead and while you are eating dinner, place the dog in a down stay and place your foot on the lead to prevent the dog from getting up. When you are finished dinner, release him with praise
  • Make sure the dog does not sleep on your bed and chairs
  • We control all games. Retrieving etc are started and finished by us. No tug of war games

Make the dog earn all privileges, before you pat the dog or give a food treat, give the dog a command like sit or down. Use your obedience in everyday situations, call the dog to the dinner bowl and use the “come” command, and when the dog responds, the reward will be receiving its dinner. Or call the dog to you for some love and play

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