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Lexi is a 4 and a half year old gorgeous boxer owned by one of our amazing clients. Lexi presented to the clinic with ongoing intermittent lameness in her right back leg. She was given some sedation to allow us to thoroughly examine her stifles (knees) and take xrays. It was then discovered she had a problem with her cruciate ligament in her right knee creating instability.

A surgical procedure called an MMP (modified maquet procedure) was scheduled and pain relief prescribed.
During an MMP, the top section of the front of the tibia (shin bone) is cut and moved forward. An Orthopedic implant is placed to redirect the force generated by the large quadricep (thigh) muscles. This compensates for the failed cruciate ligament.

After a good 8-12 weeks of rest and short walks gradually increasing in distance, Lexi was back to hooning around on the beach living the doggie dream. Unfortunately cruciate ligament injuries are common in active large breed dogs.

Currently Dr Robert O’Connor is the only vet in New Plymouth who performs this revolutionary surgery.

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