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Lori is our multi-talented Marketing Manager. She joined our team in 2000 and worked as a receptionist/vet nurse for 5 years before bidding us farewell to focus on her music projects. We were thrilled when she joined the team again in 2010 and gained her certification in Marketing. She then started actively managing our marketing and promotion efforts.

Lori is constantly juggling timelines and deadlines, which she does with an unmatched level of energy and enthusiasm. Lori is responsible for maintaining and updating our website, Facebook. online store and managing our in-clinic promotions.

Catch Lori outside of work and you are likely to find her working alongside her husband in their workshop manufacturing motorcycle handlebars (and yes she is on the tools – not just doing the books)! Other things she enjoys include music, DIY and collecting crystals! Also an animal lover she has now reduced her multiple pets to two cats Jynx and Ruebyn and recently acquired tropical fish.

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