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Robert has been with our team since 1987 and is one of our most experienced vets. His area of expertise is in general practice. Robert loves fixing things and finds it very challenging when he comes across a situation that others say ‘can’t’ be fixed. His most rewarding experiences at NP Vet Group have involved cases where an animal as been very badly injured and eventually makes a full recovery. He enjoys helping animals heal and monitoring their progress as they slowly improve and resume normal life. Over the years, the team has come to depend on Robert who has proven himself to be completely reliable, meticulous and careful in his work. Robert spends his free time with his teenagers, tinkering around with old cars and trying to escape for a peaceful afternoon of fishing. Always a pragmatist, Robert will explain to you that “if fishing was easy, it would be called catching, not fishing!”

BVSc –  Massey University

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