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Canine Joint Health over winter months

As the days and nights get cooler we naturally start to rug up with more clothing and the electric blanket goes on! Our canine companions feel the cold too.  At this time of the year, we notice our larger dogs and older dogs moving slower, gait changes, vocalisation such as crying/wining. This can be a sign of discomfort, coldness or pain.

This is a great time to take our companions to visit the vet, just to get a review of what is really going on. We know that one in five dogs suffer from the effects of arthritis, often that we cannot detect in the home. 

Here at New Plymouth Vet Group we can uncover what is happening with your companion. Using blood testing, diet and pain management are just some of the ways to assist your companion to become more comfortable day-to-day over the winter months.

It is important that when the weather gets cooler we keep our companions moving. This way joints and overall mental health and wellness is maintained. Pop your pooches jacket on and head out for a walk.

In the clinic right now, we have a very special product on offer to help your companions agility over the cooler months.

4CYTE Canine

4CYTE is a daily oral granule containing Epiitalis, abalone, green lipped mussel and marine cartilage. The Epiitalis is a unique ingredient that stimulates chondrocyte cell proliferation in the synovial membrane. This is important because a healthy synovial membrane will protect the joint which will ultimately assist the production of healthy cartilage in slowing the degeneration of the joint. It also suppresses the chemicals responsible for inflammation in the joint. This way, on a daily basis, your dog will be happier and pain-free.

Prophylacitic use of 4CYTE can also benefit your dog. 4CYTE may assist in the joints ability to function better under stress and may help symptoms associated with aging joints in dogs.

4CYTE canine is a daily joint health program designed to:

  • Address stiffness and lack of willingness to run, play, jump
  • Support joint conditions in conjunction with other prescription pain medications
  • Support healing following joint surgery or joint injury
  • Improve and maintain healthy joints at any stage of life
  • Boost the body’s ability to meet performance and recuperation demands on athletic or working dogs
  • Targets the cause, not just the symptoms

Here at the clinic, we can work with you to establish the best management program to ensure your dog is pain-free over the winter months. Come in and see us about 4CYTE Canine for your canine companion today.  Just a small daily oral dose on food – it’s that easy. We also now offer our FREE Canine Mobility Clinic which is run by our nurses – so if you think your dog doesn’t actually need to see a vet, you are more than welcome to book in our Mobility Clinic to discuss 4ctye as well as other treatment options that are available.

4CYTE is available granules for gel formulation. We also stock 4CYTE Equine.

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