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You may recognise him from numerous Lost and Found posts recently as he has a habit of going missing! Usually only for a short periods of time however, his most recent adventure lasted 8 months!

Paula, one of our nurses, had come to terms that it was unlikely she would see him again, until a few weeks ago when she heard his cry at the door. Surprisingly he seemed really well and in great condition. He did not look like he had been living rough on the streets for the last 8 months!

Paula rescued Kitchu when he was only 6 weeks old, a feral stray who had got himself stuck in a marmite jar. He was in a terrible state and was extremely frightened and scared. Paula decided to give him a home knowing that he wouldn’t be easy to rehome due to being wild.

After a long month trying to gain his trust, he finally started to accept his new home. Once he gained more confidence, he began to share with her his loving gentle nature. Now 13 years later he is still a very important part of her family – even though he is obviously leading a double life.  He has stayed at home for the last month but Paula said she expects he will head out on another adventure once he has taken full advantage of his nice warm bed in winter!

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