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Lasers produce intense beams of light at specific wavelengths. When the right wavelength at the right intensity is used, the light can penetrate into the tissues up to a depth of 5cm,
stimulating the cells that help repair tissue, in addition to reducing inflammation and pain.
The most common conditions treated with laser therapy are:
  1. Osteoarthritis, with the elbow and knee being particularly responsive.
  2. Intervertebral disc disease (ranging from back pain to paralysis). Studies have shown that cases with paralysis will improve faster with the use of laser treatment, relieving pain and also improving nerve regeneration. This is most effective if treatment is started early.
  3. Tendon, ligament and muscular injuries.
  4. Pain management for trauma and post surgical wounds.
  5. There are some studies also showing laser can benefit in cases of kidney disease and perhaps liver and pancreatic disease as well.
The laser can also be used to help treat acupuncture points instead of needles especially for sensitive animals or painful sites.
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