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Hailing from The Netherlands, Christianne is a seasoned vet, who graduated in 2001, and brings a wealth of experience to the table. She has been a proud member of our team for since 2007, where she works with both large and small animals. Christianne thrives on the different challenges that are thrown her way each day. Certain cases have a big impact on her, particularly ones in which the patient succeeds against all odds. Recently Christianne was involved in a difficult case involving a kitten who was seriously injured by a car. She worked tirelessly with other members of the team to care for the kitten for 6 weeks. In the end, the kitten returned home to its family happy and healthy, much to Christianne’s delight. Outside of work, you’ll find Christianne enjoying the region with her husband and 2 sons. An active family, they spend their weekends playing sports, hiking on the mountain or at the beach, biking, skiing or camping.

DVM –  Utrecht University, Netherlands

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