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We now can offer our clients the option of shopping at our online store.

How it works

Sign up to My Rover’s delivery service here. You’ll be taken through a few simple steps to select the products you need to order. Goods will be shipped on our behalf to your home.


My Rover provides a reliable, non-contact delivery option to your home via a trusted courier network. As couriers are also considered an essential service, deliveries will continue during all alert levels.

If you have any questions regarding our online store please email Lori –

Our Clinic

Within our spacious clinic we have retail areas for both companion and production animals.  We stock a full range of veterinary and over the counter products for your pets, lifestyle, and farm animals.  This includes premium and prescription pet food diets, flea and worm treatments, shampoo’s and accessories to large animal drenches, electrolytes, docking rings etc.

We’ve waded through hoards of animal products to carefully select our range of high-quality lines. We stand behind the hand-picked brands we stock and use them ourselves.

The foods, medicines and accessories detailed here can all be purchased in-store, where our trained and experienced staff can help you make informed choices, and give advice about feeding or application.


Large Animals:

Our selection of large animal drenches include:

  • Genesis
  • Eprinex
  • Eclipse
  • Matrix
  • Cydectin

If you are a lifestyle block owner we can dispense drench in a small quanity.  Just pop and see our staff over at our Rural counter or give us a call on (06) 758 4006 and we can organise the right product for your animals for you to collect.

Equine Wormers:

  • Equest
  • Ultramox
  • Strategy-T
  • Equimax LV
  • Promectin Plus

Our equine range also includes Vetpro products like Digest Rite, Selenium k, Muscle Xax, B Boost, and Quicklyte. We also have a selection of banadging, vetwrap, sunblock, shampoo’s etc, and a selection of supplements.

We also stock Kwillow Powder – The amazing treatment puff powder for Mud Fever, Rainscald, and Wounds. $39.95

Small Animals:

Flea and Tick Treatments:

We stock a large range of Flea and Tick Protection and Treatment. Please ask our friendly staff about which product will suit your pet and their enviroment.

  • Nexgard
  • Nexgard Spectra
  • Frontline Plus
  • Broadline
  • Revolution
  • Revolution Plus
  • Simparica
  • Bravecto 3 & 6 month treatments
  • Advantage
  • Advocate

Worm Control:

We stock Milpro Allwormer and Drontal as our tablet options for worming.

Small Animal Foods


A good quality, well balanced diet is essential for your pet’s health and well-being. We stock a range of premium diets including Hills Science Diet, Hills Vet Essentials, Hills Prescription, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Go! Solutions and Blackhawk and Nutro.

Our qualified veterinary nurses are happy to discuss your pet’s dietary requirements and recommend a suitable food.  Some animals require prescription diets to help treat particular disease conditions for example kidney, liver or inflammatory bowel disease. These will be recommended by your veterinarian.


We stock Burgess Excel range for our rabbit friends.


We stock a range of Topflite products for birds and wild birds. We also stock Best Bird.

Small Animal Accessories and Treats

We stock a wide range of treats and toys, collars and leads and feeding bowls. We also stock SureFlap Microchip-activated pet doors. We offer a FREE microchipping service with any Sureflap purchased. (Applies for one pet only)

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